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Infrastructure and Facilities
State of the Art:- Modern Multi speciality hospital (110,000 sq. ft.) with in the heart of the Future Chennai City, catering to Local, National, and International clientele with facilities for medical treatment to all socio economic groups.
Mobile Hospital:- Conducting regular camp site treatment with the help of 2 state of the art Busses, fully equipped with X-Rays, Scans, Mammograms, laboratory and medical personal – a mobile Mini hospital catering to the medical needs of the of the rural masses – all free!
Grants, Donations and Collaborations and income from the main hospital would enable us to render free treatment to the poor and in the cancer screening program .
Round the clock emergency treatment for everyone.
YMF ( YRSK Medical Foundation-VIBA Hospital ) has spared no efforts in the field of research. Unlocking the mystery of the cancer cell is the primary responsibility of our organisation. Plans to tie up with major research bodies across the globe are under way and our faculty would soon have its own data base to corroborate with them.
Mamogram Camp unit along with diagnostic setup